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  1. Hi again, one more time with a silly question. It is obvious to me that putty will be needed to 'even out' the hull. There seems to be so many choices, could someone point me in the right direction as to brand, make or whatever I should be purchasing? Thanks in advance, David
  2. Typical first timers question I'm sure, What is the best blue for planking, I'm using white glue and something just doesn't seem right....
  3. I have finally figured out the reason I keep backing off on the build is I'm afraid I'm going to make a mistake. From what I have read that is expected in the beginning!
  4. Appreciate the response. Thoughts on a manual bender ($21) Do you think that would be better suited to a beginner? David
  5. Here goes! My first shot at building. I had purchased the AL Scottish Maid and quickly realized this is by no means a beginner project, thus it has been put aside. The Viking was actually started aprox. 6 months ago and for reasons unknow it sat gathering dust. First picture is obviously the hull and my work station. Being my first build log, my etiquette may be off please feel free to correct me David
  6. G'day For a beginner is "white glue" the best way to go? Also, I"m building the AL Viking which has sharp bow/stern, is a Micro Dremel the idea? David
  7. Good day all, I joined up last week and I'm not sure of the etiquette so please forgive me for posting here if it is not correct? Where should I pose general questions on modelling ? Regardw David
  8. Thank you all for your warm welcome! My first ship of choice is the AL Viking. I have just begun to smooth out the hull and stern. For my fellow Brit's I first became interested in ships when I lived in Appledore , North Devon. Our flat was across the street from the shipyard where the replica of the Golden Hind was being built. Cheers David
  9. Good day all! This is my first time posting and first time modelling. I figure 50 is never too late to start. I always appreciate tips, comments and anything else Cheers, David
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