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  1. there has been a delay in comming back because off an operation on my yes (catarac) it is done now and all I need is new glasses so it will be a short while and I start to build again see you all. Jan
  2. Hello to all off you. After a verry long period of not feeling good Iplan to take up the build off my ship. Have to get in to it again and make myself again familiar with the plan. This will take a week or so. My planning will be "take it easy" all the parst are in good condition but have to sort them out and see where I can get back in to the build again. I hope that all off you will give me advise when I come to questions and problems with the build for now I hope to see you on my log again as I get posts off my progress. Jan
  3. Hello tkay11 here I am back. How are you? after more than a year. planning to take up where I left off. I will take it easy and get all the stuf and tools in good shape before restart the build. Have to get in to it again. I hope to speak to later on and off course all the other Sherbourne builders good by for now. By the way you made good progress on the build have to look in to more in detail. Looks verry good.
  4. Tony compliments on a very nice piece of work. Looks realy good and much worth the effort and all the hard work and dertermination. job well done!! Jan
  5. Hoi Gregor, Thanks for mentioning the book “Rigging Period Fore-and-Aft Craft” i have downloaded a copy. Had a quick look and this is good stuf later on I wil read it thanks a lot. By the way your doing verry wel with the ship. cheers Jan
  6. Thank you all for the well wishes it is great to read them. Today I have put all the stuf and the boat, tools and so on in an ordened fasion in the drwawers of my desk and on shelfs in the study, the boat is in plastic because of the dust. I hope to be back in the autem but I am not sure. I wish you all the best and happy building. And thanks again for all you well wishes. be seeing you on MSW. Jan
  7. Because of my health and lots of other things I have had to stop for a while. I wil be back as soon as thing going better. will be looking at the builds of others so I am not lost in cyber space. jan
  8. Gregor, Look at it in the way " a man has to do what a man has to do " And it is done well, so they maybe think your crazy but tell them I am building a boat. Ship Ahoy Cheers and congratulations job well done. Jan
  9. It is all very nice and well done Dirk. The photographs are off a outstanding quality and show your ship and what you have done in a very nice way. Love your log to look at and how she is getting a nice and well build model. Keep up the good work. Jan
  10. Great to see that it will work out in the end Tony. Very nice work and well thought out. We can all learn from your way to get to things, together with the determination you have. Great to look and even more great to read all about it well done. Jan
  11. Gregor, This thing about your lovely carronades is just for the fun of making arguments not for historicaly right or wrong. You do what you want to do and in my opinion you do it very well and it all looks good. We all live now and nobody can tell exactly how this particular ship was armed, because there are no records. And beside that it must have a hell of a job to manage it and at the same time to do the difficult thing of sailing it and fighting and chasing the bandits. You keep doing what you think is nice and we all be pleased with the way you do it because there is no doubt about that. cheers Jan
  12. Gregor A good read is http://www.grantvillegazette.com/articles/Naval_Armament_and_Armor__Part_Two__Ready__Airm__F -there are 5 articles 1 and 2 are about guns powders recoil etc etc. Having read these I think that the carronade is given the time we talk about a good choice for the ship Sherbourne. Les crew to man the gun a much more controlled elevation. But I still have my thought on the recoil. The shot uses more powder, the gun by construction will take more recoil, but the gun is lighter so the impact of the recoil must be in the rigging and the incline of the deck. If the ports are opposite each other there was no much room to manoeuvre such a recoil. And besides that a full broadside fire, if ever done by a ship like this, would I think damage the ship ore parts of it at some point. But that is all theory I like the look of the guns at your ship, and it give futher builders more choice to make it there build in some way. Jan
  13. Very well done a brilliant dissension I like this experiment. (it is not an experiment but a well thought out and argumented alternation ) It looks ok and although it is a bit heavy on the ships timbers it could well be the case after she was modernised. Congratulations on my part Gregor.

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