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  1. You might want to try a cabinet scraper on the decks to remove the excess black on the planks. Sanding tends to smear the color but a scraper removes a bit of wood and leaves the simulated caulk.
  2. Sorry the photos didn't post as expected but I purchased the $7.79 one rather than the exact same tool for $47.89.
  3. I recently decided I wanted a digital height gauge for setting frames etc.. I went on Amazon to check prices, I certainly didn’t need a top of the line but something with good reviews and reasonably accurate. I found one I liked and was astounded at the different prices for the exact same tool! If you search for something in Amazon it is worth your while to scroll through the pages to check the prices offer by the various venders! I bought the lowest price one and received it in 5 days with free shipping. I did test the tool against a known accurate scale it it seems very accurate. No battery
  4. I don't own a Veritas spokeshave but have found their miniature block plane one of my favorite tools. I have used it often and to very satisfying results. It fits my hand perfectly and I would not hesitate to recommend it for appropriate miniature model work. The blade was very sharp upon arrival and it is very easy to adjust unlike other hobby planes I have tried. I also have a set of their miniature chisels that I really like for making very precise cuts when needed. I recently used them to clean up a rabbet and they were far superior to a scalpel or a hobby knife with a chisel blade. I am n
  5. Great idea for your log, I look forward to following it! Probably won't get so heavy you will have to use those jack stands though.😏
  6. I edge glued the planks on my last model and tried to be careful not to use excessive glue. I then used, and highly recommend using a cabinet scraper for the initial removal of excess glue and unevenness in the planking followed by sanding. My caveat is that I painted the hull and did not leave it natural so I have no idea how my efforts would have turned out using stain. Cabinet scrapers are available in many profiles and I have found them an extremely useful tool. Other areas I stain such as decks I always use a pre stain conditioner to even out stain color and use gel stains as they make it
  7. Looking great! The cheek pieces were a challenge but after many looks at the illustrations and much trepidation turned out to my satisfaction.
  8. re: the coal bins, not sure if it an issue you will face but I had to redo mine. I had left a bunker open so as to be able to simulate it as full of coal. I had put some scrap wood in the bottom so as not to have to fill it completely. I made the coal using aquarium filter carbon I had from a long departed aquarium. I mixed it with moderately diluted white glue and put it in. Alas I could see bare wood under the coal so I scooped it all out before it set and after the wood in the bunker dried I painted it black and mixed up more coal and put it in, I am well pleased with the result.
  9. You can barely make out the filler piece you referenced in your post but this is how I shaped mine.
  10. I took a little different approach to broken frames that seemed to work well but you seem to have solved your issues. Posted October 2, 2019 Made a bit more progress. Painted frames prior to installation and installed them in the rear portion of the boat. As mentioned in other logs and also in the kit instructions the center frames are very delicate and I did manage to break a couple. I glued them back together and used a nub from the matrix lightly glued to span the broken area. I applied glue to the char area of the nub and attached them to th
  11. Looking good! Seems no good deed goes unpunished re: the modifications you had to make to accommodate the planking. Some of the frames sure are fragile and I repaired a few myself.
  12. John, looks like you enjoy a challenge! I too have copied parts of plans or actual parts. Before doing so I would copy an accurate ruler with the copier and compare the copy to the actual ruler. Luckily my machine copied 100% accurately. There is probably a setting on your machine to adjust the copy size. Good luck!
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