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Colonial Schooner Port Jackson by Bundybear1981 - Modellers Shipyard - 1803 - Scale 1:50

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After building my first kit, the HM Cutter Mermaid, I decided to go with another of the Australian Colonial series of models from Modellers Shipyard with the Schooner Port Jackson 1803.


Kit Contents Check



Laser Cut Sheets




This time I sorted and labelled all the parts at the start to make it easier to find the bit I need as I built.


The Card Parts Organized



Drawers Labelled with Parts


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Today I made my start on the Jackson.  I carefully cut the bulkheads out of the laser cut ply and checked for a true fit.  Some adjustments were required (a couple needed lifting and others needed to be lowered)


Bulkheads Glued (Deck is floating to help square the bulkheads)



When checking the fits after gluing I noted one bulkhead had slightly lifted (#7, you can see in the first picture it no longer has a true fit to the keel).  I adjusted it before the glue had a chance to set.


After leaving this to dry for 24 hrs I then glued the deck to the model, pinning down the centre and along each bulkhead towards the outside.




This was now left to dry overnight.

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Today I made a start on the first layer of planking.


First Plank Run




First Group of Planks





Second Group of Planks





Third Group of Planks






This time I had a much nicer finish on the first planking layer with much better meets on the bow and a more even run to the keel.

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Another update of my build :)  I've completed the decking, added the caprails and made most the deck furniture.


Had some issues with doing the decking, in the video it showed joggling but I was unable to find reference to it in the written plans or the timber mentioned in the video on the parts list or in the plans.  I ended up forcing a plank around the outer run which came up well.






Some of my deck furnishing waiting to be installed.




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Been a bit busy with work over Easter so I haven't had much time to get on and post updates on my build.  She's coming along nicely.  Since my last post I've fitted the deck furniture, side rails, dead eyes and rudder.  She is starting to take shape now!


The deck furnished



Side Elevated



Side Image


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I've been a bit slack on updating this so here is the latest updates on the Jackson :)

Since my last post I've shaped and constructed the masts, booms, trestlets and started doing the standing rigging.


The Masts and Booms constructed






Up they go - Masts positioned



Rigging started




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Hi Jason,

 I've just had a look through both your builds.Very nice work on both of them. :D


At the rate you build them you will probably have your next build, if it is the Norfolk, finished before I do :) 

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albeit some instruction errors still exist even in 2021

This is very nicely done and the sails look just right. I understand that the plans for this kit were based on drawings by Karl Heinz Marquardt. I am currently rigging my scratch built 1/48 scale model, based on the plans from the National Maritime Museum with a sail/rigging plan drawn by David MacGregor. The NMM plans show two options; sloop rigged with a single mast and channels with three deadeyes or schooner rigged and channels with four deadeyes for both fore and mainmasts, the forward three deadeyes for the lower mast, the aft deadeye for the topmast. The rigging plans also show yards crossed on both masts with a topsail as well as a driver on the mainmast.

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