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  1. Going to great lengths to ensure the first plank of the second layer sits flush. Again, I’m letting it dry overnight. I’m going to have to consider how I do this more efficiently as I move forward.
  2. Well, after letting the planks dry overnight, they sprang back to half their desired bend radius. So now I’m trying to soak them and induce a sharper bend by using golf tees in MDF.
  3. I have those nippers, Rob. Usually, they do a fine job. But not with these strips. I’ll see how I get on in the morning.
  4. Ok, on to the second planking. I’m finding the 1mm x 4mm walnut strip used for the second planking doesn’t like bending too much. I’ve tried nipping with planking pliers but I hardly get a warp. I’m now trying soaking them in warm water for a few minutes, and I’ve clamped them to the contour of the bow. I’ll let them dry overnight and see how I get on. Does anybody have any tips to assist me at this point?
  5. I’m still here, but a combination of family life, work deployments, Scouts and an Airfix Dornier Do.17z got in the way. I’ll be back at the end of June. Apologies.
  6. I'm posting these to my Facebook page as well, and one of my friends asked me a question I don't have an answer to. If deck planks are typically 21 feet long (1:64 scale length of 100mm), how long are the hull planks? I guess he's asking about the first planking, because it's the full length of the ship. Should I attempt to keep the hull second planking strips to roughly 100mm? And if so, is there a shift pattern I should try to follow?
  7. Bugger. Looking back at these photos, I've noticed I've made an error in the left-most quarterdeck plank...It throws out the 3-shift pattern. Oh well. It will remain.
  8. Quarterdeck planking and bulwark lining complete. First coat of Admiralty Paints red ocre on the cabin facia panel.
  9. I’ve had to think about in what order I do things. I want the hull planks to sit over the side edges of the cabin facia, so it will need to be fitted first. But I also want the quarterdeck planking to overlap the forward and rear edges so I can sand them down flush. The transom sticks out sideways proud of the hull, so that will have to go on last. So so there we have it- Quarterdeck planking next, then cabin front facia, then hull second planking, then transom. So I’ve trimmed away the quarterdeck bulwark guides from sections 8, 9, 10 & 11. Ive been wondering whet
  10. I’ve completed planking the forecastle and main decks. Now I’m lining the inside walls of the bulwarks with pre-painted second planking. A heap of spring clips hold everything in place until it dries. I’m using Admiralty Paints red ochre. I love it. It goes on a real treat!
  11. I’ve painted the inside of the hull black where possible, so it doesn’t show up later.
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