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  1. It's looking terrific John! I'm waiting to see how the pillars look I've had to take a break from my mini-steamboat, (having problems with my hands -- flares up from time to time), but your build log is very inspiring! Rebecca
  2. Mark, thanks for the clarification. That they are footholds makes sense! I'm going to follow the bigger paddlewheel models and do something to scale (and that will fit!) - Rebecca
  3. So I'm to the point in the build where something turns out "BLAH" and has to be redone! The picture just above shows that the third deck had developed a warp/slump (at least on the port side, the starboard side is straight) - in part because the support system for this deck in the design of the model is so poor - and being a first-time builder I wasn't quite smart enough to realize that. I finished adding pillars and rails on the port side 2nd deck and then realized how really not-straight the roof was - and I'd made it worse by making the pillars very snug. Not being able to "live wit
  4. Thanks Sarah, the capstan for the riverboats is much simpler - Frank & John pm'd me with some ideas, and I'll post the results here when I get to it. I decided to work on the pillars & railings on the sides first, while there is still nothing to "break off" and do the bow fittings last.
  5. It's odd, but I've always loved tools. My father is extremely handy, and when I was a kid I was the one who helped him in the shop. Even now, I love wandering around Home Depot. I already had a ton of tools for book binding, buildng models has been an excuse to add more. ;Q And of course, I have to use those new tools!
  6. I'm allergic to everything - so I sympathize - the reason I've avoided CA thus far, afraid it will trigger an asthma attack. The various wood glues (titebond/gorilla) have no odor and have found both a fast set and a slow set. Plus there are no odor craft glues that will work on most other parts. Good luck! Rebecca
  7. I've been making some progress -- I added the kit windows to the second deck using the testor's clear/windowmaker - I also put the testor's on the top part of the doors (plus a bit of blue pencil), and filled the window frames with it to get more shine. Could have been neater, but it's my first try I didn't like the name plate that came with the kit (the brown one) - I designed my own in powerpoint, printed it on to photo card, and glued it to a wood backing. I coated the paper with Renaissance Wax, also known as British Museum Wax - it's micro-crystalline and can be used on virtually any
  8. Thanks Sjors, and thanks Captain Bob for the stain stick idea. I've added the bow rail, built the gangways, all the other parts are cut (except still figuring out the capstan), and thanks to the "woolding" thread I've managed to rope my smokestacks. I also colored the smokestacks using an alcohol-based aniline dye - I have loads of the stuff for use in book conservation. I'm up to the point that it's time to add the windows, and then do all the pillars and railings for the sides, which will be oh so fiddly. I made myself a 1 cm "square" to make sure the pillars are straight but I real
  9. I need to build a capstan for my mini-mamoli riverboat (1:206) - the information in the plans is insufficient (and what they show doesn't look at all right). It would be tiny but it should be there! Three things: - Some of the larger models of paddlewheelers show the capstan bars flat against the deck, and I don't quite understand how that works. - I am not sure about scale (how long would the capstain bars normally be, how big the capstan in "real life"). -Some old photos show a rope around the capstan, but not what the other end might be connected to... Thanks for any
  10. Very nice! Cutting the gunports must have been a good deal of work. Look forward to seeing more, I've always liked bomb and mortart vessels. Rebecca
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