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Do you use a scraper in shaping instead of sanding?

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Just was thinking about just how much I scrape now instead of sanding. I scrape planks when splieing them into tapers and shapes,use radius gauges to scrape edge raidus in planks and molding,also use them for scraping the hull where  there are rounded areas like on the stern and keel.


The standard radius gauge sets that I used in diemaking come in handy to scrape all tpyes of areas. And since they are made of hardened tool steel and have sharp edges they work perfectly on models,either plastic or wooden.


I have a couple sets of cabinet makers scrapers,but they are too large for a lot of areas on models.


Another plus is that they make chips,not sanding dust  for the most part. And leave a mirror smooth surface,and do not close up the grain with wood sanding dust.


Has there been any articels on using scrapers in model making?


I have seen Chuck with his brass molding shaped scrapers here.And he is a master at making moldings for his builds.


What have you done with scrapers?




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I cut all wood pieces by hand and hardly ever use a knife or sandpaper. I would rather use a scraper. Now scraping can also mean planing or using a spoke shave; as well as a single edge razor blade. It's much easier to level a surface with a scraper than with sandpaper....

Hope this helps,

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Greetings Bear,


I have used scrapers on hull planking for years. They really remove wood quickly prior to sanding. I use shards of glass for scraping. I had some old window panes around which I broke into shards. As a result I have a lifetime supply of differently shaped scrapers that hold an edge forever. 



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I have also used scrapers for many years making furniture.

However, for the deck planking of my current project I cannot use them because I use brass tree-nails. I have not tried it, but I am afraid I would tear out the brass or damage the planking with scrapers.

Why brass wire for tree-nails? I found them to be more uniform and easier to install. I pre-drill the holes with a #78 drill and insert the .015 inch wire with a touch of CA. After sanding the surface, I apply a tiny dab of the patina I use to blacken the ends, which at full strength, reacts immediately. I wipe the surface with a wet towel and dry it as quickly as I can and apply a coat of poly-wipe. There is no effect on the wood that I can see even after several weeks sitting around.


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How interesting. I will be finishing the lower hull planking on my Royal Louis pretty soon. I keep thinking about the next step which will be sanding, and sanding, and sanding... can somebody please put some photos on the usage of a scraper for that job? Wouldn't be overkill to use a scraper on 1 mm thick planks?

Thanks in advance.

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