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Hi All,


John (AKA Jim Ladd) suggested in another forum (Metal Work) that if I was crazy enough, I might want to try to use a jeweler's tap and die. Well I went ahead and picked this up on E-bay for not a lot of $:




I've played around with it with some small success. Now....can any one help me use it correctly? Cutting threads is pretty straight forward and easy. I was even, after quite a bit of trial and error, able to tap a hole which fit the threads. My question is basically if there a way to determine the size hole to drill for the tap? I would assume it would be the inside diameter of the thread, but how do I figure that out. I'm hoping there is something simple which has to do with the corresponding holes in the die, but right now that eludes me.





PS. I tried it out tonight and came up with this:




The bolt head needs to be filed down a bit but the other end actually screws into the loop.


Regardless, if any one has any pointers on how to best use this tool, I would appreciate it. Thanks.



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These charts are correct for good mechanical strength.  On a model you do not need that strength.  You will have an easier time of it and break fewer taps if you use 95% of outside diameter.  In other words you just need to cut enough of a thread so the screw does not fall out on its own.    And as justsayrow says' "GO SLOW".



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