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Custom built ship


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The only Wynaud I can find is the 1854 tea clipper.  Is that the one?  It might be a tough project as there doesn't appear to be any pans of her.  Only a couple of pictures/illustrations.  She also underwent some renovations as to rig and it would appear deck structures... so a point in time would be helpful to anyone wanting to build it.


Good luck.  Hopefully, someone can point you in the right direction as far as building this ship.

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Mabe this is close enough to what you want. Most tea clippers were built with the same lines and the hull shape would be simular.


This is a nice kit that would require a little skill to build.

The rigging on this type of ship would be quite a challenge to a beginner.

Mabe you could pick one up ready made on the dreaded EBay.

lots of the cuttysark on EBay with a little modification it could be turned into the Wynaud.


Regards Antony.

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I wanted to make a model of the ship my ancestors came to America from Germany on.  I knew the ship name (Pleasant) and the captains name and even have the signed manifest with my ancestors signature....but could find what exactly the ship looked like.  So I knew they came over in 1732 so I looked for ships that transported immigrants in that time period.  Turned out the Endeavour was exactly what I was looking for so I built the Endeavour and call it the Pleasant.


There is no one alive that can dispute my choice ;o)   And my family members all love it.  She flies the Family Crest and that is all they care about.



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