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Backorder from Model Expo?


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Anybody know what the average time is that it takes Model Expo to fill a backorder? Their site says 15 to 30 days, but I'm past that and no package yet.


This reminds me of order things with box tops when I was a kid and checking the mailbox every day to see if it came. While I'm enjoying the anticipation, I'm really itching to get started.





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Depends on the item, Skip.


I ordered a bunch of Vallejo paint that was back ordered, and it trickled in over about 6 weeks as they got it.


On a more recent order of two items the first shipped about a week after the order and the second at about the three week mark.

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This summer it took me over six weeks to get the Fair American. Although I was in no rush and wasn't a problem for me.

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I live just down the road from model expos office. Took the grand tour and sadly they are in the process of moving from Hollywood down the road to Miami if I'm not mistaken. Long story short my back ordered fair American took about 2-3 weeks to arrive due to a tool issue that delayed the order. I was not upset in the least since I am busy with my Independence build.

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I just noticed Model Expo is selling some of their industrial equipment on eBay. Are they still going to make/sell kits?


They are moving to a different location, perhaps it's an opportunity to replace equipment and/or it make more sense to do it this way than move it?

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I just got it last week, so it took approximately 3 months. Hearing that they're moving now put all the pieces in place for me. I called them several times and sent a couple of emails. I was probably a little over anxious to get my cannon. Each time they told me, "probably next week," or "probably in a couple of weeks." The reason given was related to the lack of availability of equipment. I wish they had just told me up front that it could be a while.


Honestly though, great quality product and even the best outfits have supply and customer service hiccups every once in a while. I'd buy from them again . . . just maybe not backorder. : )

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