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New 3M Sandpaper

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Hi All,


I'm not quite sure that sandpaper qualifies as a tool, nevertheless I thought this would be the best forum for my question.


I'm also unsure of when 3M switched from its old "tan" paper to the newer red/blue/purple variety. In my opinion the new paper is a significant improvement on the old in how quickly it cuts, its tendency not to load, and how long it lasts. But it also has one significant disadvantage for me. I make sanding blocks in all shapes and sizes out of scraps of 3/4" MDF. I have yet to find a glue that will work with the new paper. It has an irregular backing with some kind of little bumps (looks like some kind of dried glue) and an underlying glossy surface. I've tried titebond, contact cement, even CA (on small pieces) and nothing creates anything close to a permenant bond.


Has anyone else had problems with this or perhaps has found something which will work?




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Frank, Mark,


Today I found the answer to my 3M post.


It came about when I was trying to describe the backing paper for the new paper. In my initial post I thought the backing looked like it was dried glue. Well I know you can re activate glue with heat, so I cut a piece of sand paper slightly larger than the block placed it on top and put a hot clothes iron it for a few minutes. Whatever the new backing is, it melted onto the block and seemed to be fairly permenant.


I bought this paper at Home Depot and will continue to do so now that I found a way to make sanding blocks. Check this stuff out, it's not expensive and seems to be a real improvement over traditional garnet sandpaper.




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