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Attaching Sail to Mast


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Hi - My husband and I are trying to figure out how to attach this sail to the mast.  My father built this sailboat a long time ago and my stepmother gifted it to us after he passed.  We had it on display until a gust of wind came through the house and knocked it over, breaking the boom.  We took the sail off to get the boom repaired.  Unfortunately, that was about 10 years ago. Now that we have repaired the boom, we can't figure out how to re-attach it.  I'm attaching photos and really hoping someone here can help us.  My stepmother is visiting next week so we would like to have it back together by then.


Thanks for your help - Kathy






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It's a nice little model you have there. There should be some means of hoisting the gaff (the upper boom) up the mast. Is there a sheave or hole near the top of the mast? There should also be a set of jaws at the inner (forward) ends of boom and gaff that fit around the aft side of the mast. Folk here can give you more specific advice when we know these details.


There needs to be some means to keep the boom and gaff in contact with the mast, as well as keep the aft end of the gaff raised.

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Hi Thsnk you for responding. My dad made this from "scratch". I believe it was done as a scale model for a full size boat he planned to build. He was one of those people who, when he decided to build something, he just figured it out. His main passion was building black powder rifles.


I think this photo is what you are asking for?


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OK, it seems he's gone the other way about it. You'll need to make two pieces that fit to the mast for the pins on the booms to go into, something like this :


Mast Yoke.jpg


Fit the lower one square to the mast like in my pic, but angle the upper one to suit the angle of the top of the sail.


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks, Dan.  I wonder if I lost some pieces then.   I think I will have to go and search the paper and box it was packed away in more carefully.  I also think I'll see if my stepmother might have any old photos that would have the boat in it.


By the way, what would this type of sailboat be called?  Thanks again.

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