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Swan Class Frame Disposition

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Are the frames of a Swan Class evenly spaced? According to TFFM they are 28.254" between the fore side of one frame and the fore side of the 2nd frame over, indicating that they are all even.


My Framing Disposition plan for Vulture from the NMM shows them at all sorts of differing spacings, from about 2 3/4" to 5" between frames, a variation of 2 1/4" :


Frame Variations.jpg


On my Vulture I followed the Disposition plan, which resulted in some odd gaps that just looked wrong. I want to avoid that with the Cross-section I'm doing if at all possible, unless it's the correct way of doing it.


I doubt that the original plans were drawn that way unless it was accurate. They show all the Shifted and Cast frames clearly.


:cheers:  Danny

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