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I am working on Corels HMS Victory which has pressed moldings in the kit. The moldings are nothing more then wood filler molded forms. I have the hull already done and did not plan on painting this model. I wanted the beauty of the walnut to speak for itself. My problem is that these molds will not take stain right and I don't have the tools to create these molded parts out of real wood. I am trying to figure out a way to make this happen without painting or using real wood. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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Sorry for the very late reply, been moving the past few weeks.  Maybe I  have missed something here, but you do not need anything more than very thin hand files and an old hacksaw blade or stiff backed razor to make molding cutters.   Even better I have used thin cutting wheels with my lathe or my Dremel, Hold the metal piece in a vice and cut or file the reverse image of what the molding is look like.  If using a hack saw blade piece heat it to cherry red and let it cool and it will be soft enough to easily file.  No need to re-harden, but if you wish to do so, reheat to cherry red and quench in oil.



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If I may make a suggestion about painting the molded trim. I would use some oil paints mixed together to the color you like. Oil paints, when brushed on right can really do a good job of duplicating wood grain.You may even find that burnt sienna will duplicate walnut pretty well.

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