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rigging the Cutty Sark - rigging sequence (edited by admin)


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I am currently building the Cutty Sark by constructo. This is my first model ship and I think I am over my head, but I do have the hull all built and the masts an yardarms installed. I think all that I have left to do is the rigging and the sails. I am not sure of the best sequence to finish this project. Do the sails go up first or is the rigging and sails installed simultaneously? Is there a good book available yet details a step-by-step procedure for completing this task.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  cmb

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Each ship is different and the rigging sequence will vary slightly depending on the rigging detail of the ship involved, but a couple of basic principals are:


  • Try and think well ahead - I don't mean just the next step, but many steps ahead
  • If you don't understand the rigging and what it basically does, get a good book or check the web for a description of what the various components actual do - an understanding of the purpose of the various ropes will help with the rigging
  • In general, start from the bottom up and work from forward to aft, but keep on thinking ahead in case there's a line that needs to go on well out of sequence.



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I find it very helpful to make a large scale drawing of the rigging and I use different colors of ink and pencil to indicate the different elements such as the masts and yards being one color and the standing rigging another with the running rigging yet another color. Make the drawing really large by gluing together a bunch of sheets of paper.

The process you have to go through to make the diagram forces you to consider each element as you come to it in the drawing and this often teaches you stuff about the rig you would not have noticed using only the kit supplied diagrams. You dont have to be a skilled draftsman either. You can also measure off the spars on the actual model-or even trace them- to get the sizes of stuff right.




 Niagara USS Constitution 


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Can you start building log, please ?

In progress:

CUTTY SARK - Tehnodidakta => scratch => Campbell plans


Content of log :


Past build:

Stella, Heller kit, plastic, Santa Maria, Tehnodidakta kit, wood, Jolly Roger Heller kit, plastic

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