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HMS Pegasus by Søren - Amati - scale 1:64

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Decided to start my very first build log for my next build the HMS Pegasus. This will be my 3rd model to build. However will be a few weeks before I start the actual build, as I need to finish up the last details on my current build, Bomb vessel Granado and build a display case for it. I have promised the captain to complete my model before I start with the next one, so better stick to it  :rolleyes: (although itching to get started with the new model).


I received the model kit Friday last week, however when I opened the box a few parts were missing :( most noticeable the figurehead and gunport pattern was not included (pretty hard to build without those parts.... But been in contact with Amati and it should hopefully be in the mail.


Other than that I must say I am impressed by the overall quality of the timber and fittings. Compared to my current build from Caldercraft the Timber is defiantly an upgrade so can't wait to get cracking with the model.


I am planning to build it pretty much straight out of the box, however will make my own rope and upgrade blocks with Chucks pear wood blocks. My ambition is to build it as historically accurate as I can out of the box (not planning to do any major scratch, rework etc.). As a very talented builder says 'if you don't do it right, it's just a piece of artwork and not a model'. Luckily for me there's quite a few excellent builds of this model already on this forum which I will use for reference.




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Hi Soren, this is a great kit and I wish you luck. As you say there are lots of good logs to follow here and also lots of fantastic help. I have also started the Pegasus , no log yet, it is on hold for now as I complete some Christmas projects after that I will start a log. I will be watching for yours and will follow along, I am not too far into mine yet(bulkheads mounted) so we should be close together.

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Hi Soren -- It's great to see another Swan Class build starting up.  You're absolutely right that the Pegasus is a good kit (I'm building the Fly, which is pretty much the same), and there are some excellent logs on MSW -- I know because I've followed them closely.


I'll be looking forward to your progress!





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Hi, Don and Martin,


Thanks a lot for your comments. The Swan Class is in my view absolutely beautiful so looking forward to 'laying the keel'. I was actually originally planning to build Royal Caroline but had a change of mind at the end and went for Pegasus instead.


@Martin - beautiful work on the HMS Fly - I actually read through your log in my research for my next build.


@Don - Looking forward to build/follow along with your build. Since I have small kids and a demanding job I'm a notorious slow builder, so suspect you will beat me to the finish.




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Hi Dylan,


The manual is about 10 pages long and covers the hull constructions (rigging is not covered in the manual). However the model comes with 12 pages of highly detailed plans in scale 1:2. At least what I have seens so far it should be easy enough to follow the instructions and plans for this model.





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