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Build Log Titles - A Reminder

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Thank you for reading this!


I'd like everyone to take a moment and have a glance at the index page for the build logs (kit or scratch, either one).  Please notice how pretty much every build log title starts like this:


(Name of ship) by (exact username of builder)


This is no coincidence!  MSW has guidelines for standardized build log titles pinned in each build log section.  Those guidelines are intended to make the build logs more easily searchable with our site's search function, but having a standard title format also makes it much easier to tell WHAT is being built and by WHOM for those that choose to browse the index.  Trust me, I know from being a member on other forums that such a standardized format makes for a much nicer browsing experience than the hodge-podge of titles I've seen elsewhere.


For those of you who have been diligently following the titling guidelines, THANK YOU!  You make our moderating duties much easier.  :)  Over the last several weeks, though, I have edited approximately 60-80 build log titles to conform them to our guidelines.  Some were admittedly very minor edits, and some were edits to titles written long ago before things were streamlined.  But many were edits to recent titles that didn't follow the guidelines at all, including three so far today.  This isn't just a newbie thing, either - some of these non-standard titles were written by long-tenured members (who should know better, *ahem*).


So, before posting your next build log, have a look at the existing titles - there are now lots of examples of how to do it right!


Thank you, and model on!


Chris Coyle
Greer, South Carolina

When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
- Tuco

Current builds: Brigantine Phoenix, Salmson 2, Speeljacht

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Just bumping this up to the top...I have noticed many NOT-SO-NEW members creating really bad build log titles.  At least pretend to follow the rules......Thanks


Unless you just expect a moderator to t=do the work for you...please create appropriate build log titles......Thank You   ;)

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