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CSS Savannah 1:1000 ish Scale - Finished

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Board Game Blockade Runner

CSS Savannah – Gun Boat

I had a chance to start working on my board game over Christmas. It’s amazing how fiddly working at such a small scale can be. Sometimes; I‘d cut a part only to have it blow away, fly away, or fall someplace on the floor.

The first ship to carry the name Savannah, this fifty-three-ton schooner was converted to an Atlantic Coast privateer after hostilities began in 1861. The ship was lightly armed with single eighteen-pounder cannon, of War of 1812 (1812-15) vintage, which had been converted into a rifled gun. The privateer Savannah took one merchant ship as a prize of war before being captured by the brigadier USS Perry after two weeks of service.


Displacement: 53 Tons. Dimensions: 56 ft. long

Crew of 20











Being this ship is a board game marker; I took a lot of liberty with the rigging, scale and color scheme. I also chose not to put any gunwales on and left a lot of the deck furniture off as well.


This ship is a wild card in my game and is used to lure the Union blockade ships off of their post so the South can get their runners out to seas for necessary supplies etc.



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Hi Jeff


Nice work! Can you give some idea as to what the overall Board Game is? For instance, did you develop it and are you building individual ships for each of the board markers? If so, then, that'd be a really cool project.


Hopefully you'll have a build log for each ship so that we can follow along.





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Thanks Guys


Patrick .... the board game is something I have been thinking about for awhile. I'll put the build logs here however not sure how much to put as at this scale it's not very exciting. Yes I am building individual ships and I converted some other ships for the Union Fleet. See below... Blockade outside of Fort Fisher...


Eventually I'll build more detailed models for the Union Fleet once I flesh out all of the details et al of the board game...Jeff





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