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  1. Unfortunately the answer is no. Work has been extremely busy, issues with my Mom’s health, and my wife’s executor dealings with her parents estate has delayed completion. So I texted my Son’s fiancé and told her my Son will receive the Wivern for Christmas as it’s still a surprise gift. Hopefully I can finish it by the fall and dive back into the Preussen by sometime in October. Thanks for following up and holding my feet to the fire Belleisle!
  2. Thank-you Polite Ghost! Plans are to finish Wivern by June 11th and then get back onto the Preussen. I want it finished as well. Also please join us on the Bottled Ship Builder website, sign up, and hit the clubs tab and then sign up for a free journal. I started the club and intend to publish 2 journals annually. Lot's of great information. http://www.bottledshipbuilder.com/ Jeff
  3. Hey Keith, outstanding work. Using the heads on the pins was a slick idea! Black is beautiful. I like the wood colour pallet you chose, very realistic. Jeff
  4. Hey, Rob vossiewulf has the answer cortisone. My right knee cratered on me last fall to the point I could barely walk. Had a series of 2 cortisone shots and I am back to cycling to work each day. Please don't stress out about not working on the hobby. It all comes in due time. There is a season for everything and it sucks to get old! Jeff
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQXP5OKM9ag Bedford is right, however same here, I don't know about the pumice stone. Attached is a link to an amazing video of a Chap who has French Polish down to a science. Jeff
  6. Looking good Keith. The poly and multiple coats are something I wasn't aware of until this build. That trick is tucked away for the future! Funny what we do for friends and family. Can't wait to see more. Jeff
  7. Hi Keith, things are looking awesome nice job on the port holes. I am assuming Germania has a fibreglass Hull? If so what about a thin poured layer of liquid resin epoxy like the stuff the furniture guys use. That way no risk of planking lines showing after paint and smooth as a baby’s bottom!
  8. Thanks, Michael and Rob! It's been a tough sled lately. Yes, Michael coffee would be splendid! I'll PM you later this month to discuss a time and date to meet.
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