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  1. Thing of beauty! Can’t wait to see you get on with the deck fittings/rigging etc.
  2. Thank-you Polite Ghost! Plans are to finish Wivern by June 11th and then get back onto the Preussen. I want it finished as well. Also please join us on the Bottled Ship Builder website, sign up, and hit the clubs tab and then sign up for a free journal. I started the club and intend to publish 2 journals annually. Lot's of great information. http://www.bottledshipbuilder.com/ Jeff
  3. Hey Keith, outstanding work. Using the heads on the pins was a slick idea! Black is beautiful. I like the wood colour pallet you chose, very realistic. Jeff
  4. Hey, Rob vossiewulf has the answer cortisone. My right knee cratered on me last fall to the point I could barely walk. Had a series of 2 cortisone shots and I am back to cycling to work each day. Please don't stress out about not working on the hobby. It all comes in due time. There is a season for everything and it sucks to get old! Jeff
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQXP5OKM9ag Bedford is right, however same here, I don't know about the pumice stone. Attached is a link to an amazing video of a Chap who has French Polish down to a science. Jeff
  6. Looking good Keith. The poly and multiple coats are something I wasn't aware of until this build. That trick is tucked away for the future! Funny what we do for friends and family. Can't wait to see more. Jeff
  7. Hi Keith, things are looking awesome nice job on the port holes. I am assuming Germania has a fibreglass Hull? If so what about a thin poured layer of liquid resin epoxy like the stuff the furniture guys use. That way no risk of planking lines showing after paint and smooth as a baby’s bottom!
  8. Thanks, Michael and Rob! It's been a tough sled lately. Yes, Michael coffee would be splendid! I'll PM you later this month to discuss a time and date to meet.
  9. I thought it was high time to update this build. The last year, and the beginning of this year has been insanely busy for me. The mother-in-law passed away and then to top it off my wife has been stuck with all of the executor work as both her parents are now deceased which is brutal. Between Revenue Canada and lawyers it’s amazing how they can keep a person alive once they’re gone. So henceforth, I have been supportive of the Vice Admiral, and the hobby has taken a bit of a back seat. Work has been really challenging as we’re going through a major change management phase. Thank goodness I have managed to come through unscathed! I shelved the Preussen for first to third quarter of this year, as I have HMS Wivern on the blocks to put it into a light bulb for my eldest son’s birthday coming up in June of this year. Presssure is on, however it will be done come Hell or high water! Then it will be back onto the Preussen to finish it for Christmas of this year as a gift to my youngest son. If you want to see the Wivern build you’ll have to please log into the Bottled Ship Builder forum and look for Chasseur. Also I am now the editor in chief for the Bottled ShipWright which is a free journal we offer to our members. The first Journal came out for Christmas of last year and I have the next one coming out in June of this year. So if you’re into ships-in-Bottles then by all means sign up for the journal. When you’re on the site please hit the clubs tab at the top and sign up. This would be my shameless plug here and now. Please come back here in the Fall and look to see the Nitrate Clipper finished and into the bottle by December 23rd. Jeff
  10. Hi Rob, just catching up, my condolences as well. It’s tough when you lose a close friend. Sorry for your loss. Jeff

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