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Modelers building the MS SYREN have  an option with  the quarter badges.  According to Chapelle (The History of the American Sailing Navy, p. 186) “The quarter badges were removed from the Syren before 1812, apparently – if indeed they were ever placed on her.”  So, for those builders who think she looks better without the quarter badges, if they are dissatisfied with their paint job, or if they are unhappy with the quality of the metal casting, there is the historically accurate option of leaving them off altogether.


I'm not offering an opinion here; nor am I showing a preference.  I am simply passing information along to other SYREN modelers who might find it useful.  Honestly, I have not attached the quarter badges to my build yet, and am conflicted as to what to do.


But hopefully this small bit of information might be of assistance to somebody.



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That is good to know,

Since the Syren is my first kit, I am trying to build it as described.  But, as my skills improve I am considering rebuilding... just to see if I really have learned anything. On the rebuild I may omit the quarter badges so nice to know it has some basis in history.



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Hi Richard -


No, I did not start a build log for SYREN.  I am a retired guy who enjoys building model ships to pass the time during cold winter days and hot summer days.  I would grade myself as a C+ modeler...lacking the skill and patience shown on many other build logs, and am reluctant to display my work in closeup photos online.  Plus, when I did build logs for FAIR AMERICAN and BENJAMIN W. LATHAM I discovered that it takes a lot of effort to do a good one that is useful to others.  So instead, I prefer to contribute stuff where I think I can be useful, as I did in the original post here.


There are several excellent SYREN build logs on this site, notably by  Dubz, SalD, JesseLee, and Gahm.  


By the way, in my SYREN build I have the hull mostly completed and am working on the carronade sleds right now.  I still have not glued the quarter badges on and am trying to decide whether or not to do it.  



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Hi Gary,


Thank you for this information.  You have convinced me to NOT add the badges.  The castings that I got aren't horrible, but I just think that they look silly on a warship that is otherwise sleek and efficient looking.  I am just nearing the end of coppering the hull, so finding your post really helps.  Since this is my first plank on bulkhead model, I am not moving through it very fast, but things seem to be going well.

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