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HMAV Bounty by Titanic87 - FINISHED - Caldercraft

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I started my HMAV Bounty about two years ago but decided to shelve her as I felt I was not confident enough to do the masts and I found that the instructions were quite vague, so I did other ships to get my confidence up. I've also been building the Amati Revenge but I've had to stop as I'm waiting on parts to arrive from Italy before I can continue her, so to keep myself from boredom I've started the Bounty up again, continuing where I left off.





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First welcome to MSW.


Looks like you are doing a nice build on the Bounty.

The Revenge build looks fantastic, hope mine comes out as half as good as yours.


Well done on both builds.



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Hi Titanic and welcome to MSW,

Wow, I think you broke the record for a fast build! lol  :P

I understand it took longer time than the time to upload the pictures.

Very nice build of Bounty. Now she needs a case and so does Revenge.


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Good job! I bet you've already finished the revenge ;)!



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