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Putting the channels on


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I think this is a "problem" that a few fellow modellers already encountered.

I have to put the channels on the hull, together with their knees.

Does anyone has a good trick to do this ?

I mean: kind of glue, how to clamp, etc.

Should I try to glue to knees off-ship or not ?

You understand: a good way to accomplish this without the risk they come off in the future during the rigging or with a "stupid" little knock.



Keep on modelling,


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Hi MarcM,


I recommend you to fit the channels to the hull by using thin dowel or brass wire,I have done this (using 1mm brass wire) and used 30 minute epoxy throughout instead of glue. They will then not easily come off with a knock. In reality,the channels (made from several planks fayed,bolted or dowelled together) were bolted from the outer edge right through the hull. I would recommend fitting the knees after the channels are on,this allows you to sand them to get a nice fit between the hull and channel.




Dave :dancetl6:

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What many of the scratch builders do also is leave a gap in the external planking.  This gives a slot that the channel can fit right into to help support it.

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Your channel should have slots in it for the chainplates.  Once the chainplates are in, the outer edge of the channel is given a piece of wood to cover all the slots.  You can hide a countersunk pin behind this outer strip which should give some good support.

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