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Thinking things through: Hammock crane holders

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Since a while I am observing the different versions of the metal hammock crane holders and their positions.


Therefor I am looking for contemporary sources of this rarely shown detail.

HMS Victory 1765
SLR0512 Scale: 1:60. A model of H.M.S Victory (1765) made entirely in wood that has been painted in realistic colours with metal fittings. [...] The poop deck fittings include a rectangular skylight, launching flag pole, [gruen]hammock stowage rails[/gruen], and provision for an ensign jack staff.  [...]
Date made Mid-18th century
Warship(1745); Third rate; 70 guns
SLR0470 Scale: 1:48. A full hull model of a 70-gun, two-decker ship of the line. The model is decked and equipped. A plaque on the original base is inscribed ‘Lord Nelson’s model of H.M.S. ”Ruby” built in 1768. Lent by Capt C.A.R. Hoare’.  [...]  This model was formerly known as ‘Lord Nelson’s model of the Ruby’, but its proportions are quite different from those of the only possible ship of that time: the ‘Ruby’, built 1776 at Woolwich. The fleur-de-lys decoration suggests French origin, and it is possible that the British Royal Arms in the stern galley may be a later addition. The general appearance of the model, however, is not in the least degree French. [...] 
Date made circa 1745
Interesting is - also seen on the Vic - that the quarter deck cranes are hardly higher than the rails, making them seem useless. The inner stanchion looks to be integrated in the rail.
Warship; Frigate; Amazon class; Fifth rate; 32 guns
SLR0315 Scale 1:32. Built at this slightly larger and unusual scale, the model is a fine example of the Georgian style of modelling, with a fully planked hull and partially planked decks. [...] The model has been made to a high standard of workmanship and includes some fittings not always shown, such as the compass binnacle just forward of the wheel, shot racks between the guns, the hammock-netting stanchions and swivel guns on the ship's side.
Date made circa 1780
The cranes are pointing outside the hull.
Here another variation: Cranes outside and a board underneath
36 Gun Frigate
SLR0643 Scale 1:48. A contemporary full hull model of a 36-gun fifth-rate frigate (circa 1801). [...] The model is mounted on launching cradles and the fittings on deck include stovepipe, hammock irons, a double wheel and capstan. [...] This model seems to illustrate something of a hybrid design for a frigate, with dimensions similar to ships of 1780–85. However, the appearance of the enclosed waist and solid bulwarks, introduced to give more protection for the gun crews, with square-cut ends are a characteristic of 1800 or later.
Date made circa 1801
And merry goes round all the way the rails:
HMS Duke of Kent (circa 1809); Warship; 170 gun
SLR0660 Scale: 1:96. A full hull design model of the Duke of Kent, a proposed 170 gun four-decker ship of the line circa 1809 which was never built. [...]
Date made circa 1809
Do you know any other contemporary sources?
Thank you, Daniel
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Some of the examples on the models do indeed seem useless as far as stowing anything in them, but the hammocks could be put in on a slant instead of vertically if the hammock nettings are shallow.   |////////////| rather than ||||||||||||||

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On some ships, didn't they fold them into a "U" shape also?

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