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Dear all

I am about to buy timber for my current project but I am not really sure what to use. The scale is large (1:10) and it will be carvel-built with steam bend ribs. The cost will be considerable but I can choose from a large variety of woods. 

I will use Pear for the keel, sternpost, stem and beams but I am not sure what to use for the ribs and planks.

Options (I think)

Ribs: oak, ash or beech, maybe American cherry

Hull planks: Maple, american cherry, beech, ?else


Somehow I think pear would be difficult to use for hull planks.

Could I have your thoughts and advice please?




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I think maple will be perfect for the frames. and beech for the planking.  It is not that pricey and easy to work with.  Plus it resembles oak at the smaller scales.

David B

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Pear isn't all the difficult for planks nor is boxwood.  Cherry can work if you like the color as it ages and don't mind the pronounced grain.  It does splinter unless it's well steamed.  Beech is pretty flexible and would work also but there is a grain in it.


Maple and cherry will work well for frames.  


If you'll go here:  http://www.dlumberyard.com/wood.htmland click on Wood Samples (scroll up as you hover over the various woods) you get an idea of what the woods are like and how they're best used.

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Thank you David and Mark

I am thinking cherry for keel, sternpost and stem laminate. Maple or beech for hull planking. Ash, Beech or Birch for the steamed ribs. 

I am a bit concerned that pear at 2 mm thickness may be prone to breaking. Plus, as I have used pear a lot so far I would like to try something else.

I have ordered a few samples to have a better idea

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