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Bowsprit Traveller

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I can use some advice and insight as to whether or not I have followed the plans correctly in fabricating the bowsprit traveller for my Bounty.  I am attaching 2 photos that show the plans with parts 281 (sheaves) and 496 (bowsprit ring or traveller).  Also attached are 2 more pics that show what I've done.  Question is:  is that how its supposed to be?  The ring with the sheaves on it will be hooked to a line that runs through the hole in the sprit and there is enough play in the ring (+ sheaves) around the sprit to allow it to be moved fore and aft (in reality... as a model, I may afix this hardware in a stationery position with a spot of glue).  I haven't followed the running rigging plans far enough yet but I suppose there will be another set of lines that run through the sheaves that tension the sail itself.


So with that said, can anyone tell me if I'm going about this correctly or if I've got it all wrong? Or partly wrong?  Thanks.





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Don't think so SpyGlass but thanks for trying.  What you've linked to is mostly related to a main boom preventer to prevent accidental gybes.  This gizzmo is more akin to a traveller on a main boom which is used to reduce the angle of the sail to the wind (on modern fore and aft mainsail yachts) and allow the boat to point a bit more upwind.  I think that is the purpose as well of this "bowsprit ring" or (also) traveller as Peterson calls it.

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Yes, this is much like what I am about to put on my model.  To me it looks like a complete ring around the sprit rather than a horseshoe.  A ring would keep it on the sprit.  A horsehoe would come off.  But overall, are you in agreement that mine is pretty much correct and just needs the hook on top to connect it and control its movement fore and aft?  Thanks for your interest and help.  Much appreciated.

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It's been a while since I did the jib traveler for my Badger, but here is a link to my post on how I constructed it (using the Lennarth Peterson book and TFFM Vol. 4):





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Interesting devices, those bow sprint travelers. Can see some advantages in having the ability for the toe of that sail to be moved back and forth along the bowsprit. How is that line attached to the traveler and running to the foremast kept at the proper tension after each traveler shift, if not adjusted for length it would go slack or over tension'd  with each shift of the traveler?

jud  :pirate41:

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Interesting takes on this.  Thanks.  I will add some more of my two sense in a bit (the Admiral wants to go swimming).  From my recent views of the rigging plans I seem to recall seeing (or I think I saw -- with these plans its not easy for me to be sure what line is what) two lines that hook to this traveller ring, the top one runs back to the foremast (possibly through a block on the forestay, and the bottom one run forward and then down through the hole (which in reality had a sheave in it) and then back somewhere.  So this traveller could be pulled fore and aft and secured in position by belaying each of these lines.

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Added the blocks and wrapped the brass ring as its supposed to be in real life.  What's that called?  I forgot to put the hooks on and now am wondering if I'll have sufficient space between the ring and the sprit.  I may need to just seize or lash the hooks to the ring with .15mm thread.  Or just do it all over again and make the ring a bit larger.




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