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Ship's Boat by Seventynet - FINISHED - Dusek - Scale 1:72

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Good Day Shipmates,


This is my one post build log of Daniel Dusek's Ship's Boat. This kit costs 5 Euros and is an incredibly worthwhile, fun build that takes somewhere in the vicinity of 20 to 30 hours to complete. I will hold off painting it until I decide which ship I decide to pair it with.












Best, Ian

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Looks great Ian, she was a lot of fun to build I thought

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Thanks Don, I guess I should confess that I deviated from the plans slightly. I cracked the outer lip of the cap rail that is supposed to overhang the hull so I cut the overhang off. Then I realized that the rubbing rail might look odd so I didn't put that on either. I may do something later when I figure out what to do for oars. In any case this will sit for a while as the Admiral and I set off for Okanagan wine country this morning. When I get back it's on to the Brazerra.


Cheers, Ian

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Hi Ian

           This one sneaked in under my radar :)

Great little build, nice job :)

As you said a great value for money kit too :)

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Have a good trip, and easy on the wine :P  :cheers:

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