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Sanding Machines for Scale Modeling video now up ...

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Paul is dead on about the MicroMark 5 inch disk sander.  It is the one that I have

and it is noisy and the RPM are too high.  I slow it down a bit with an old Dremel

Solid State speed control - from before Dremel rotary machines had on board speed

controls - but the loss of torque follows a curve function instead of a straight line so

it does not slow down all that much.  I only work with wood so the speed is acceptable.

It does run true though.

One addition I made was to use cardboard from a box to enclose all three sides of the underside of the table and

behind the disk and insert a crevice tool thru a slot to vac the copious dust produced.

A simple port under the table is not as efficient.


I also agree about the tilt function for a spindle sander being an essentially useless feature.

Frame bevels follow a continuous change and free hand is about the only way to shape them.

I can see no utility for the up/down oscillation function though.


Harbor Freight has a 4 inch belt sander (I ignore the disk part)  back on sale for $60 - but

Paul is also correct about real estate needed and it being useless for inside curves. With 60 grit

medium - it will eat thru wood fairly fast.


The combo sander with a 1 inch belt and disk  would be of questionable utility if it were $10.

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NRG member 45 years



HMS Centurion 1732 - 60-gun 4th rate - Navall Timber framing

HMS Beagle 1831 refiit  10-gun brig with a small mizzen - Navall (ish) Timber framing

The U.S. Ex. Ex. 1838-1842
Flying Fish 1838  pilot schooner -  framed - ready for stern timbers
Porpose II  1836  brigantine/brig - framed - ready for hawse and stern timbers
Vincennes  1825  Sloop-of-War  -  timbers assembled, need shaping
Peacock  1828  Sloop-of -War  -  timbers ready for assembly
Sea Gull  1838  pilot schooner -  timbers ready for assembly
Relief  1835  ship - timbers ready for assembly


Portsmouth  1843  Sloop-of-War  -  timbers ready for assembly
Le Commerce de Marseilles  1788   118 cannons - framed

La Renommee 1744 Frigate - framed - ready for hawse and stern timbers


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