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Cutty Sark by Marter1229 - Constructo - old kit revived

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After 15+ years of storage in a plastic bag, I am going to try and continue with this Constructo Cutty Sark.

I, do have some full size plans, but no written instructions.


First picture is freshly in covered.


Second with some repairs.


Third showing some really brittle fittings, what are they called?


Fourth is more work done.


I am not hopping for a scale build, but just getting it to look like a ship!







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Wellcome to MSW, Terry


Also, wellcome to Cutty Sark fleet !


Good luck with your build. For now I can not help you,because I am still far from this stage of build, and I am not familiar with nautical terms. Also,some personal events temporary keep me out of my build. When I catch some time, I'll look on Campbell plans to see if there is something for you


This beauty must be finished!

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Making more progress with the Cutty.

Tying a lot of knots.  Not very pretty, but it is starting to look somewhat better.

Knot counters won't like my knots, but I am learning.


Still breaking a lot of old parts. I am going to start repairing these shortly.






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Greetings mate, 

I have the same kit and the same problems with cheap breakable fittings...I used Zap ca with Zap's aerosol accelerant to fix  them-  you can use baking soda as well- it forms a polymer and strengthens the break. The down side is that the polymer turns white-- you can scrape it off or file it down to shape and then paint it to match. Those things break all the time.


There are some pix on my log that may be of some help-more coming   soon as I can figure out the rigging setup of the yards- I have Le Pean's book and the museum plans. OK, but I personally like photos....Constructo's plans are OK but some of the rigging plans don't make any sense. Constructo will however send you pix from the kit's latest iteration....


Fair winds and following seas to ya

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