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Small size end mills group buy interest

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Hey all,


I found a good deal on some small size end mills with two and four flute varieties as well as square and ball end varieties in 5-10 packs and was wondering if anyone would be interested in a set of one - two of various types and sizes for a bundle price. They work out to be around $5 each, much cheaper than the $10-$20 dollars on most sites. They are carbide cutters made in the U.S.A. and I am very interested in purchasing some, but don't need so many of each size and variety. If there is some interest here, we can talk about what you ask want included and I can purchase the mills and make sets to put up for sale here. Just gauging if there is interest in something like this, if there is, I'll go ahead and make some purchases. I hope you all are having a wonderful day.

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Here is what I currently see offered:


1/8” (0.125”) 4-flute square end

1/8” (0.125”) 2-flute ball end

1/8” (0.125”) 2-flute 90 degree point end

3/32” (0.09375”) 4-flute square end long (1/2”) length of cut

3/32” (0.09375”) 4-flute ball end

1/16” (0.062”) 2-flute square end

1/16” (0.062”) 4-flute square end

1/16” (0.062”) 2-flute ball end

1/16” (0.062”) 4-flute ball end

3/64” (0.046875”) 4-flute square end

0.040” 2-flute square end

0.040” 2-flute ball end

1/32” (0.03125”) 2-flute square end

1/32” (0.03125”) 4-flute square end

1/32” (0.03125”) 2-flute ball end

1/32” (0.03125”) 4-flute ball end

0.024” 2-flute square end

0.010” 2-flute square end


1/8” 2-flute 90 degree chamfer

#000 (0.020”) Center Drill

#00 (0.025”) Center Drill 

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