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18th Century Longboat by Dharma66 - Model Shipways - 1:48

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This will be my first build log of my first wooden ship model. The box arrived today, and I've checked over the inventory list, and all is ok.



As this is my first ever wooden model build, I will be doing it out of the box, especially as there are some challenging parts for a beginner!


First thoughts? It's tiny. I knew it would be small, but it's tiny!


I've taken a load of photos of work so far (very little!), but can't for the life of me figure out how to post them (I'm on an iPad). When I work it out I'll add them...



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First thing I found when I did my build log was that there is a size limit on photos.  2 mb I believe and 1600 pixel x 900 pixels. Don't quote me on that but I'm sure someone will know the correct answer.  Once I shrunk my picture file size I was able to attach pictures.


Good luck on the build.  I think I'll pull up a chair for this one.

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Got it!


Bit of a palaver, but here's the first pics.


first the box...





And the contents ...





I found a new use for my iPad...as a backlight to check for tight dry-fit joints...





Todays progress amounts nuts to the rabbet, bearding and keel assembly. Just need to resize the photo...here we go:




Tomorrow I'll dry fit the bulkheads/frames and see if I can find my small engineers squares...I fear I may need to buy a couple.


Oh and small clamps. I thought I had small clamps, but they are ENORMOUS compared to this model. Anyone know a good source of genuinely teeny clamps in the UK?



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Test fitted, tweaked and glued the bulkheads today. Almost all of the bulkheads wanted to sit forward and high starboard, low and aft port side, so it took a little filing and repeated test fitting to get them to sit true without straining (with a tiny amount of force) against the clamps. Just two or three strokes with a file in the top right corner of the bulkhead slot was enough for most. None required this more than twice.


Bulhead two leans back by 2-3 degrees. My bad clamping. I haven't decided yet whether to try to remove and reseat it, or let it pass, I'm not used to de gluing such tiny things, and I'm concerned about breakage...I suspect it will stay as-is, and serve as a reminder to check roll, pitch and yaw several times each...


In theory I have time tomorrow to make a start on fairing... I may be slow, but I'll post photos of where I get to.


On another note, I seem to have rather unexpectedly gained approval from the Admiralty to move indoors, into a permanent installation! This would be a big step forward, as my garage "workspace" - which is still not completely cleared of obstacles - is cold, draughty and dirty. So with any luck, I'll be knocking up (or maybe just buying) a new workbench in the spare bedroom sometime soon :)

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I would suggest gently wiggling the bulkhead forward and aft while holding the keel to remove it. You need all the bulkheads square before planking. After you free the bulkhead you can gently file the excess glue and reset the bulkhead. I used Elmers wood glue throughout. It makes redoing things a lot easier. (I did this a lot!)


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Thanks Steve, you're right of course. I did think a couple of degrees could be accommodated by making sure  everything is faired properly. But even if it could be, the only thing I'd ever see would be that one slightly wonky frame...


We don't (to the best of my knowledge) have Elmers in the UK, and I'm not sure what the equivalent is.


For other woodworking jobs, I'd normally use Titebond, which is, as the name implies, a very strong glue. For this, I went with plain old white woodworkers glue, so hopefully it will come away ok.

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Quick update.


I did as Steve suggested and prised and wiggled the bulkhead free. I did this straight after it was suggested so the glue hadn't time to fully cure.


The next morning I cleared off the residue and reattached. I'm much happier with it. Unfortunately I've not had time to do anymore since, and may not get time before weekend :(

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  • 4 weeks later...

Just a brief update.


I have, I believe, finally completed fairing. Work suddenly went crazy, and a couple of other time consuming things occurred, but I think I finally have it where I'm happy, including fairing of the transom, which was attached after the bulkhead/frames were done.


I've been reading a lot about approaches to planking, and trying to get the corsage to commence in the few bits of time I've had.


i expect life to calm down a little in a few weeks, so I'm unlikely to do anything before then, as I want to have a clear head and a few clear hours to set off in the right direction.

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