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Lateen Rig - Gammoning a Yard

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I say ignore the kit instructions and make the halyard a separate piece. Just glue aninch of the halyard onto the spar and you are going to serve over it with a separate piece, trapping it with the serving. there are a couple of clever ways to bury the end of that serving back under the last few turns so it won't come out and loosen the turns. The "common whipping" technique would work for you.  Note that the two ends wind up buried under the serving. Practice on a piece of dowel using thick string in order to grasp the mechanism at work. Note that you have opportunity to pull each end tight by pulling on the opposing elements that are going to be buried under the turns.and obviously in this instance your serving goes on in such a manner as your halyard emerges from the center of it.a


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Excellent advise Frankie. I use that technique for all my seizings and it works great. Once I learned to do it properly rigging became a whole lot easier. One tip for you Mike, pull everything tight with the end marked a before you pull b. Otherwise you might get loops that form in the middle.

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