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A Strange Place For A Titanic Memorial

Jim Lad

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While visiting Broken Hill - in the far west of NSW - recently, we came across this memorial to the bandsmen of the Titanic. I thought it was an unusual place to find a memorial to a ship that sank on the other side of the world, especially as Broken Hill is several hundred kilometres from the nearest large body of water, but it turns out that brass bands were especially popular in the town in the years before the First World War and when news of the disaster reached 'The Hill' the townsmen thought it an appropriate place to erect a monument to the Titanic's brave bandsmen.





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This one I found two weeks ago on the foot of the 7 Provinciens at the Batavia Warft in the Netherlands.




Was this an omen that the build was meant to be put on ice?!?





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In Ballarat where I live, there is a bandstand in the main street in memory of the Titanic's bandsmen.



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