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Akbar by dwalker - Crocker Boat Yard tugboat

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Akbar was designed by Sam Crocker as the harbor work boat for the boatyard in Manchester MA.  Designed in 1951, the boat was used until the early 2000's when it was replaced by 

her sister ship Masconomo II.     I chose to build this boat as it was great to see such a small tug moving about the harbor.  I also really liked the look of the mast and gaff tackle.

I have built a number of plank on bulkhead models and wanted the challenge of building the curved stern transom. ( I had looked at doing a draketail, but figured I would try this first)


I am sorry I joined this group after I began the build, and hope that I can catch you all up on what has gone on so far.

The keel is birch plywood as were the bulkheads.  I steam bent a number of rib frames into the hull because I want them to be visible through the companionway and windows.  I am in the process of carving a model of a Gray Marine 6-330  to fit into the engine room so that it too may be seen through the windows and the companionway. 


Today I turned the winch barrel and the display mounts from aluminum.  ( It's what I had around )  

My next step will be to make the interior dashboard and seat for the wheelhouse as well as complete the mahogany trim for the windows.






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The Akbar is a fine looking work boat and you are off to a good start on her. Don’t worry about ‘catching up with the rest of us’ this is just a hobby for most of us with the exception of a few talented professionals. As you read through the different build logs you will see there are lots of ways to build a boat. Have fun and keep the pictures coming.


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Hi Dwalker


I really like what you've done with this tug.  The hull looks great, as does the superstructure.  A tantalising glimpse of the bent frames through the companionway also conveys a nice impression of how these ships were constructed.


Nice job and I look forward to following along.





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I primed the hull with Interlux primer. ( What can I say, I have regular boat paints )   The primer helps to seal the wood and reveal places on the hull that may need some attention. I like to get a primer coat as well because it also is easier to use pencil lines on it for other markings such as the waterline.   





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I have been doing some work on the Wheelhouse.  

Trim is mostly complete.  I did the first door, but not sure if I am happy with it yet. It looks a bit rough.

I will put a coat of varnish on the mahogany to seal it.  Then I will give the rest a prime coat of white.  Not sure how others do this, but I always do a coat of varnish on the brightwork before the prime and paint. This way when I make the inevitable slip of hand with paint it does not stain the mahogany.  If it hits varnish a gentle sanding with 1000 grit removes the mistake.







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