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  1. And another part. Sorry for not posting anything last months. Covid hit the carecenter where I work very hard and lot of my clients died. from 19 employees, 11 were sick at home so I had to work very much and long hours. I never got sick and today I got my first vaccin so hope for the best.
  2. I definitely understand why you build this ship. What a beauty! And your modelingskills are also very good.
  3. I made a resistance soldering unit for further solderingwork on the wilhelmina. Tried to post a topic elswhere on the forum but I got a message that I had an IP-block
  4. Hello Marcus, It's a book about the Herringlugger Balder from Vlaardingen https://images.app.goo.gl/G1LVcUZj2AW4qmye6 I use it a lot when building parts and also the photo's from my visit to this museumship
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