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  1. I definitely understand why you build this ship. What a beauty! And your modelingskills are also very good.
  2. I made a resistance soldering unit for further solderingwork on the wilhelmina. Tried to post a topic elswhere on the forum but I got a message that I had an IP-block
  3. Hello Marcus, It's a book about the Herringlugger Balder from Vlaardingen https://images.app.goo.gl/G1LVcUZj2AW4qmye6 I use it a lot when building parts and also the photo's from my visit to this museumship
  4. Congratulations on thuis very good result. The woodwork is outstanding!
  5. Hello Vlad, Beautyfull model and your skills are very good👍 Maybe you can look in my buildinglog of the Herringlugger KW140 Wilhelmina VII. I've build a lifeboat too and placed some pictures of how I did it. I have some simpele plans too if you like. Kind regards, Kees
  6. Testing to upload a picture with my smartphone
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