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Jib stops?


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I have not been able to find out what a "jib stop" is, what it does and how it is used.  The only place I see it is on the set of drawings (not in the instructions) and only in this one place. 

This is a MS Bluenose kit build.  Anyone have any insights?


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When sail is taken in the headsails are folded as neatly as possible, like an accordion along the top of the spar and then they are lashed in place by passing those "Jib stops" once around the bundle of sail and tied with a reef knot. The stops just hang beneath the bowsprit or jibboom when the sail is set. They are only long enough to pass over the top of the bundled sail and have a knot. They are spaced about four feet apart from each other along the spar for the length taken by the furled sail.

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