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Hello from New Hampshire!

Tom E

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Hello all!!!:D

What a wonderful site!


I have learned so many tips and techniques that I cant wait to try them all.

To think I'm rubbing shoulders with some of the true master builders and designers!

From what I've seen, all are master builders on this site!


I'm not new to modeling, been building since I was a kid, but have recently moved back to wooden ships.

Should be finishing the Model Shipways 18th Century Longboat within the next day or 2.

The pic, I hopefully attached successfully, Is a few days old. The shrouds and Forestay have been attached.

Then its on to the Niagara!

Once I learn how to use the site a little better, I hope to have a Niagara build log.


I look forward to working with all of you!!




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Welcome Tom.  I'm think you've landed in the right spot.  You'll find lots of helpful hands offering advice and encouragement.  I will assure you though that some of us are complete novices at model ship building and in some cases at modelling in any form.  Yet the masters here are willing to help us out when we ask.  A great place to learn and to share.


Beautiful little boat!  Did you do all the decoration by hand?  


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8 minutes ago, jablackwell said:

Hello and welcome, Tom!  I am also in New Hampshire.Maybe we'll run into one another some time.

Great work on the longboat! 


Thank you,

John, I'll admit I have been watching your Sopwith build.

Very impressive!

I can easily see one of those ending in my "to do" stash. 

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Hello Tom and welcome aboard.


Nice work on the longboat.

When you start your next build, feel free to start a buildlog.

If needed, you'll find plenty of advise, help and encouragement from everyone.

I wish you smooth sailing with our gallant crew.




Those we loved but lost are no longer where they were, but are always where we are.

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Hi Tom,

Welcome aboard. I'll second Doug's comment that some of us are complete beginners.  I'm proof of that.  Still, a great place to be.   

Your Longboat looks great, by the way.  I'm working my way up to building something like that myself.  


Best wishes,




Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want

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