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I am working on the Confederacy and was short of 1/16 x 5/32 strips for the wales. I was experiencing difficulty obtaining

the basswood replacements (another story). I have always wondered what was so special about using other than kit supplied

lumber. I was going to stick to the kit lumber and do my best. I happened to purchase some boxwood and pear from Crown just to


Well brother and sister low experience shipwrights it only took one strip of planking with boxwood to understand why many of the

more experienced builders use other than basswood. The boxwood was harder, kept sharp corners and was just a pleasure to work

with. Looks good as it came from the vendor.

I don't know how much of more expensive lumber I will use on Confederacy but I learned a valuable lesson.

Regards, Harley

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    Welcome to the entryport to the dark side.  It starts with substituting boxwood for basswood.  Next you are kitbashing and soon scratch building.  Sometime in the middle you will pop over to Jim Byrnes' place and get a miniature table saw so you can cut strips from sheets.



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Chuck S is always correct he is in wonderful San Diego I am in the ugly Desert! Lol.


in my old lost builds the topic of to blacken or not to blacken connons always ended with the words "bright and shiny natural brass connons only exist on models only

and not real ships" and in order to be historically correct that gave me the will powered to blacken.


however I have found that (depending on the build) to me there is nothing more fancy then a bright and shiny properly riged connon.

your the Captain and your in control.




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