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Bounty boat by Federico - FINISHED - OcCre - SMALL

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Hi All,


Returning to model ships, I decided to start with a small one.


"Following the mutiny on the Bounty, Captain Bligh, along with 18 loyal members of the crew were cast adrift in the launch, and made a remarkable voyage to the island of Timor, after spending 41 days in the worst possible conditions."


I started with the keel but forgot to take pictures.

Here's one where I'm placing the floor (sorry for the mess in the background, my workplace is tight :) )


I use small wood separators to keep all planks even while they set


Next step is to glue the thwarts in place and start planking






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Finally I finished the hull.

I screwed up during the planking so I did not want to take any picture until finished :P


Anyway, instructions are not quite clear in some steps, and planking steps are definitely in the wrong order.

It says to plank the floor and glue the thwarts before planking, that way the inside of the hull cannot be sanded :( 


As I said earlier, I screwed up the planking on the fore, but thanks to the magic of second planking I got it fixed.


I like how I made the windlass, using burnt umber with india ink wash and then a light sanding to create an old looking effect.

The pins are also washed with india ink instead of being all black.

Curiously, there are only 6 pins for the windlass, even though there should be 8. The part list only lists 6 so I think this is intended.


Now to the part I fear the most, the rigging :D 





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Hi all,


I finished this model a month ago, but did not have time to update these blog.

The rigging went smother than I expected. It was not really hard.

One thing I noticed is that the instructions are quite scarce on the rigging. And the 1:1 blueprint does not really match the pictures in the manual.

So for some ropes, where to tie them was entirely left to my imagination.


After I finished the model, I made a small base with some pine wood


All in all, it was a fun project and good for learning.

I do recommend this model for beginners, but notice you should not follow their instructions, step order at beginning is not good. Also, leftover wood from the kit is almost enough to build a second boat XD


Now to my next build, the cross-section of the santisima trinidad (occre, 1:90)






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I just started working on this kit.  Good to know that the floor planking and thwarts should not be added until after the hull planking is done to enable sanding of the insides.  I also want to paint the inside before attaching the flooring, thwart.benches as I want these to be in mahogany like this recreation in the National Maritime Museum Cornwall





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