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French cutter Le Cerf in 1/48 scale - Finished

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Earlier here was a folder for finished scratch built projects. This does not exist any more, so this is why I have to introduce my completed project at this folder. I am sorry that I didn`t issue any building blog about my project, but in the beginning I was not sure at all, if I ever will finish this project.


So, during about two years I have been building a model of French cutter Le Cerf, and finally a few days ago it could be regarded as finished. When searching a new project to build, from the beginning I somehow liked the one mast cutter Le Cerf, issued by French Ancre. So I purchased the documentation package, which included much information about French Navy in general, and especially about the vessel itself. Included were also 12 sheets of plans, which were drawn in the scale of 1/48, which suited me very well, because my previous build was also made at this scale.


After having studied the documents and plans for a couple of days, I started the project by making the bulkheads out of plywood. Hull & deck planking were made using strips sawn of abachi wood, which was a positive surprise for me, because it was very easy to work with and to bend the strips and attach them in place. The hulls of French cutters were made in clinker method, and after first difficulties it seemed to me easier to make than "normal" smooth hulls.

Gun carriages and othe small details were made of cherry wood, and decorations at the stern were carved of boxwood.

Gun barrels are made of brass, together with the blocks and rigging threads they were the only purchased parts. Sails were made of thin Egyptian cotton. It was colored with acrylic paints together with a small amount of white glue diluted in water.


I am quite happy with the result. Now again I am in the situation of trying to decide what to build next.









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Moxis......put it in the gallery.  Those forums you mentioned were just links to the gallery.   Unfortunately I can not add them to the forum list any longer since the last upgrade.

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Very nice project.  I would love to see more pictures.  If you goto the Gallery at the top of the page then there is a green button that says "add images".  After you hit that then you are taken through a process to add your images into a Gallery folder.  Last time I did this it was pretty smooth.


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No moving......you can create an album.   Just click on the gallery and enter "scratch Built" category.  Then set up an album for your images and follow the prompts.

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