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Mayflower by davidrasch - Model Shipways - first model

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My kit arrived today. I was surprised at how quick MS was in fulfilling my order! I've not done this vessel so any tips will be useful. I do watch You Tube but there is a dearth of Mayflower kits to be seen. I used what I can watching how other ships are built. I have one problem. How do I keep my cats from my build? I tried posting pictures of dogs but my cats, like the U.S. military, don't scare worth a damn.

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Hi Chap,

Cats are something that I have experience with in my builds.

I have a separate Room that I can exclude the quadrupeds from.


You should be o.k. with the Hull build but they may like to have a play when it comes to the Masting/Rigging.



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A/L Bluenose II

A/L Mare Nostrum

Sergal/Mantua Cutty Sark

A/L Pen Duick

A/L Fulgaro

Amati/Partworks 1/200 Bismarck

A/L Sanson

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MS kits come with good instructions, so it's probably not as necessary as it would be if you were building another manufacturer's kit, but I always recommend people new to the hobby grab a copy of Frank Mastini's "Ship Modeling Simplified." The MS instructions will teach good technique, but the Mastini book gives a good overview of ship building. Unfortunately, he does not deal with the cat issue.


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Regarding cats, my avatar is getting on in years and has never been overly adventurous. As long as I push in the chair at the model desk, she doesn't try to get up there. Not sure how to exclude a more active cat other than a door. Hope you have fun with this model and manage to keep the paws off.

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