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Cannon rigging for heavy weather

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I am working on the Confederacy and am contemplating having some of the cannon run out and some in behind closed ports. I would also like to show

a number of cannon rigged for heavy weather or storage. 

I haven't found any good information or drawings as yet. Any guidance that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Harley












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When you consider how heavy the weapons are and then consider that the cambered deck rolls port and starboard and back all day every day while you are at sea, and your cannon are on wheels, you begin to appreciate that the training tackle alone would not be a safe method to secure a set of between six and 120 guns. I’ve found a bunch of photos like these of guns on the deck of the Le Hermione replica frigate. There are man6 other photos like these. She’s crossed the Atlantic twice with period correct equipment, her cannon are the proper size and weight. As you can see the crew have put a lot of effort into assuring the guns remain stationary.




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Hi Harley,


You could try "Ordnance Instructions for the United States Navy, 1866" at Project Gutenberg:


P. 46 onwards should give you all the information you need. On p. 55 you will find instructions how to house lower-deck guns in different weather.




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