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Slowing down the Dremel Rotary tool

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Ahoy Mates :D




Has anyone used a rheostat to slow down their Dremel tool? I know some motors are “OK” with this and but others are not




I need to drill treenail holes in my hull and would like to use my Dremel, but at a considerably slower speed.


Dremel does not list this as one of the accessorries





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An older single speed model I own is hooked up to a sewing machine foot pedal........works like a charm a quite and responsive for those "delicate" tasks requiring precision. I'm able to get quite a range of speeds from a basic crawl to full out.......



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Mine is an older varible speed model (395 type 5)


I am wondering if opening it up and changing out or adding a resistor to the speed control is an option. I never use it at full power


I got the idea from this product sold by Micro Mark




What I would love to hear is a cheap fan rheostat could be used

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Which model of Dremel do you have?  If it's a variable-speed tool (such as the 395 like I have), the slowest they'll go is around 1000 rpm.  You could try putting a rheostat in there, but the addition of the electrical components could make the device not as hand-held (duct/electrical tape, small box to house, etc.).  If you'd like to get something that's in the 100rpm or so, try a slow single-speed, then rheostat for control. 


Btw, where I DFW?  I'm in Tyler. 



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Ahoy Mates :D


So I called Dremel's US customer support, which by the way was very good. People were very nice, well informed, spoke perfect english and I was on hold for less then 2 minutes, 


With customer support like that I will be sure to buy more of their stuff.


Official:  The variable speed control is no longer sold by Dremel. It was made for the single speed units only (100 series) 


Off the record: They did elude to but could in no way recommend using a motor speed controller on the variable speed units and only with the speed set at full on the tool. They also said this would for sure shorten the life of the unit. By how long no one would say.

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