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Proper scaling of rigging lines and pulleys


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I am planning a 1/24 scale diorama that will include part of a square-rigger mast and at least one spar, maybe two. Given my chosen scale, It is critical for the sizes of the rigging lines and pulleys to be as accurate as possible. Any suggestions about where to find information about the actual sizes of pulleys and the full-sized diameter of rigging lines on fully-rigged ship would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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I think a bit more information is needed...  warship or commercial?  How large is the ship?  Rigging dimensions would have based on era, type of ship, and size.

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With the information as indicated by mtaylor you can go into tables of rigging proportions that have been published since about the middle of the 18th century. We can then point you to a book from the apropriate period that will give you the size of ropes from which one can deduct the lengths of blocks and hence their other dimensions.



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