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Wren by amateur - FINISHED - 1:1- CARD

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as a break (needed something to do while the glue of my other models is setting, I downloaded a cardmodel of a bird, a wren to be exact. (Www.johanscherft.nl).


rather fun to build, and not difficult at all. The result is rather convincing: a life size bird, 16 parts, just from your own printer. I will just show the pics, no story needed (I think)

to the 'kit'. I printed it on 120 grams paper, but 80 is better (as it is thinner, the edge problem is smaller, and it will curve more easily.IMG_0152.jpg.74b2a6ec387b58af14046d2a5e5efd5e.jpg

The head: lines on my cutting mat are 1 cm apartIMG_0366.jpg.b1c04ad4cd9cc725786b9d02e758d8b7.jpg


the hull in variou stages of formingIMG_0367.jpg.cb6df535e038507133fc4fa505028d75.jpg


Start of the tail. The 5 additional feathers are still drying under some weight.IMG_0375.jpg.96fab19994ba66c5c19107d73614954c.jpg

Two wings. Flat and curved.IMG_0373.jpg.a735c8d10d6db89a3d8bcaa90688e3be.jpgIMG_0374.jpg.07f032370ffd16d58a1feead7f30f5ec.jpg

There is a beak (somewhere on the grond now, but I willretreive it ;) )

 and two legs still to be cutted.

 Final assamblage will be tomorrow (I think) picture will follow for the gallery (untill the moderators remove it, as a wren is not a ship at all)




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When I started out in card, I did quite a few card model fish, various species of trout drawn up by a gentleman in Japan. They were actually very good likenesses. Lots of subject matter available in the card world!

Chris Coyle
Greer, South Carolina

When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
- Tuco

Current builds: Brigantine Phoenix, Speeljacht

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Almost finished (but not completely: the bird needs a brach to sit....)


First, a tail



next, a new head (the first one didn't fit without damaging the body)



and finally, the marriage of all parts into a proper bird


I took a branch from the garden, but that didn't work: a real bird doesn't need a horizontal branch. This one does.....



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And the finished product, sitting on a paper branch.


I hoped to show you the next bird, nut that one didn't suucced (yet). The head didn't fit, and in trying to let it fit, I crushed the body. But I'll restart (next weekend). Here it is before crushing (even before glueing)





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