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Simple wooden row boat by mmd373 - SMALL

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I am hoping that this Wil be a row boat or something closely resembling one.i stsrted this as a test of my dimensions as this is  my first build i wasnt sure on a few things so i just stsrted to draw and measure. This is what i have done so far.my next planned step is to pit together a jig to keep everything true and square as i make any needed adjustments as i start to cit out and assemble my keel and ribs.any thoughts or direction will be happily accepted




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Hi, Auggie.


I edited your log title and added the "- SMALL" extension to it. Don't be alarmed -- "small" in this case indicate a model of a small craft, not a small model.



Chris Coyle
Greer, South Carolina

When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
- Tuco

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So update to my progress here.i have cut out all my ribs and fit them to the keel as well as chosen the wood i will use for my planks wich is red oaki ripped down to 3/32" and plained dow firther until i was able to bend it easily.next will be to rip the planls to width and yake off any high spots in the ribs so they are even acrossed the out side.20180422_145647.thumb.jpg.c7f3f1514261c9ddda96ce4d0fedc0c5.jpg20180422_112707.thumb.jpg.70497488d585c10f5e40ce6b9e67f197.jpg20180422_155446.thumb.jpg.5b7d8b950cc6a77d6362fc2ff814c9c0.jpg20180422_155410.thumb.jpg.c8e33a1200f1ee80b14c23751ae8bd98.jpg


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I admire the way you started (and mentioning your depth perception) you saw it in your minds eye penciled it out and bang started. I think you will end up with a very nice build. 1 kudos

John Allen


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