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Scrollwork, Badges, Figureheads: WHere to get them?

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I follow a number of topics and the forums have been incredibly helpful to get ideas, learn from others mistakes and undo my own.  I will hopefully begin a log with my next project.  I am looking at building one of the Bob Hunt practicums, maybe Ratlesnake,     The DLumberyard has a great premium wood add on, which I like for a wood finished model,  


Do I really need the Kit?  I am thinking if I buy the wood add on, I can make the rest of the parts I need, (Masts, yards, keel, deck furntiures, etc) 

I can buy the blocks, tackle and other bits, and make my rope. 


There are two questions,


1) is there anywhere to get the scrollwork, and other parts, traditionally carved.  I tried carving and at this point I am not really to the point of making high quality parts.


2) has anyone gone through this excercise of comparing the costs of the parts to the whole?   If the they are close, I would just buy the kit rather than track down every little thing.   I suspect it would be close but when you add in the cost of the premium wood, and not using the kit wood, I may get a different conclusion,  I have built a few models anhd kit bashed (usually to correct errors) enough that I am not worried about making my own bulkheads and other parts.










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I'm new to this hobby so I can't speak to the cost aspect of scratch versus kit. I would think that a kit would be cheaper in the long run but that would probably vary from kit to kit, maker to maker etc. Like you said, there are plenty of places for good lumber but the little stuff, scrollwork and such is harder to acquire. You don't say if you are in the US but some woodworking stores, Rockler for instance, sell pre-made scroll work which might do with a tweak here and an alteration there.

Also, if you're doing a scratch build but it is a kit already produced maybe, almost certainly for a price, maybe you could buy figureheads and the like from the maker. I know some do sell replacement parts due to breakage and/or lost/missing parts from the kits.

Bottom line, IMO, if you're confident and ready to do a scratch build don't left the little stuff stop you. Scratch builders seem to find a way around every issue... these pages are full of such innovation.


Good luck :)



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Many folk are either intimidated by the thought of carving or have had poor success when trying. An alternative method to consider is to build up the carved work using a bakeable modeling clay such as Fimo or Sculpey. Also, some modelmakers leave off all the carved work entirely. Don't limit your horizon by fear of carving!

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There are commissioned sculptors who could do a magnificent job for you but the cost would be rather exorbitant. A  high quality figurehead carved in box or pear might cost in the neigherbood of $500 or more, depending on the complexity and scale. There are Russian craftsmen who specialize in this and I'm sure there are a couple of talented Americans who might also consider such a commission.


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Ahoy Ira


Bill Short sells a carving practicum. If you read his build log you will see he started as a meer mortal.





Link to the practicum




 On with the Show.... B) 




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There are two articles on sculpy on the MSW main site by our leader Chuck.  Very good articles I might add...........






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Doris is one of MSW's talented artists and she has done some video tutorials on sculpting with clay. Those could potentially help you too...http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/854-royal-caroline-by-doris-card-1749-140/?p=18230

  I've done OK with sculpting my details using clay, and I'm sure with more practice I'll do even better.



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