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Kenworth K100 tipper truck by Peter Y. - Lego - Scale 1:48 - Custom creation

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I got pulled into the recent 'Lego renaissance' on the forum and finally decided to fiddle around with some of my own pieces. The parts inventory is modest in comparison to the other builders so the final result isn't very big. 


I decided to build something with wheels and came across this photo while looking for my inspiration online:


I always liked classic American trucks and thought that a tipper is a great idea. Lego creations should not only look good but also be functional and this gave me the opportunity to feature something more then just spinning wheels and a steerable axle. The end result can be seen below (larger versions of photos available upon clicking).


As you can see I made the cab shorter and the tipper taller - I used other photos that I've found online as reference. The stickers used are from other Lego sets:




The model can (of course) roll and has two main features:


1. Steering via a 'hand of god' axle placed on the roof. I made it very short as I didn't want it to spoil the cab lines but you can easily attach an extension:





2. A pneumatic tipping system. There's a small air pump placed on the left side just behind the cab, an air flow switch on the right and an actuator between the undercarriage and the tipper. All you need to do is press the pump and the actuator will either extend or retract depending on the switch position you selected:






Below you'll find some photos of a partially dismantled model - it's way easier to show 'how it's made' this way than trying to explain it:


All pneumatic systems in full glory:


Interior - fits two Lego minifigures, complete with a steering wheel, gear stick and a cup holder:


Upper, middle and lower parts of the steering system:




Undercarriage seen from below:


That was fun. Hope you like it.

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