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HMS Bounty by mathewp - Mamoli - Scale 1:64, 1787 (second kit build)

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The kit arrived today. I'm pretty happy with whats there. The bulkheads are pre-cut, as are all the ply parts, so there's no sheets to cut out from. This kit is a bit more detailed than my first one, so I'm expecting this one to take longer to finish. There's 7 double-sided sheets of plans so that makes 14. I'm pretty sure there's some good full size ones to compare to if needed, which i didn't have with my first one. The plans are well detailed which will help because the instructions look a bit thin on detail. Mastini's Italian glossary in the back of his book will be useful with the parts list.They should include English parts lists for kits they export to English speaking Countries. I have the feeling I'm not the first and certainly won't be the last with this problem. I'll get stuck into it tomorrow, and see if I can get the bulkheads glued on.






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Hello Matthew

Well done , you have picked a nice build for yourself. I built the billing version around about 1979, or as my son says in the olden days!!! It cost approx £25 and the fittings were a separate kit costing about the same. Back then all the bulkheads had to be fret sawed out. Yes the bounty is very nice ship, so you just enjoy your build and create something special for yourself, I will follow your log with interest. Regards. DAVID

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Got started on gluing the Bulkheads on. No nasty surprises here yet. The only real problems were the bow not being blocked in enough. I wasn't happy with it so I filled most of it in. A few bulkheads needed filling in small patches, so I did it this time, because I ended up with some small areas I had to fill after planking on the Brig. They were mostly along the false deck which I've filled in this time. Hopefully it saves me some work later. Nearly ready to plank now. I'll just give it another look over to check for bumps and hollows.






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Started planking. The wood from the kit for the first layer is not very good quality. It's stresses once you crimp it, so extra care when bending with the crimpers to get the curve as close to the hull shape as possible. This problem is mainly around the bow, where the bend is extreme, and it's showing a tendency to crack just after the bow curve. I'm not sure what timber this is but I'm guessing the manufacturer just uses a low quality one because it's totally hidden by the second one. Funnily enough the plans say to use Tanganyika for the first layer.

   Theres not much tapering on the first seven planks, only .7 mm each end. The first four have gone on ok, Thankfully  the nasties can be covered up. Once the fist plank was on it was a good time to check the stern Bulwark heights which calls for 3 planks at 5mm each. This matched the height of the transom from the false deck, I did one silly thing, put my glue brush in my cup of coffee. Thank goodness I wasn't drinking 20yr old single malt.. 





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Yes Klimi, The Bulwarks on the stern don't have the first layer of planks, so They will be the thinner walnut planks. The planking on the sternpost is a little trickier, because the plans didn't say to file away the deadwood, so I'll have to decide the best way to do the planking there.I think it's easier to remove deadwood and plank to the edge of the sternpost.I try to find a spare half an hour to glue a pair of planks. I can usually get two done in a day.I did my last hull in about 4 weeks.

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I've been having some issues with the planking on the bow section,so I've had to make some adjustments.The planks seem to want to buckle outwards, even though there's very little upward curve.I think either the bulwarks provided are the wrong shape by a lot, or it's just that a different planking plan for this section is needed, for this particular shaped bow.As a result I've got a couple of little dips to fill later.I could have sworn I faired the frames well enough for the planks to fit flat.

   An important thing for the next builder of this kit to look at is the plywood Bulkheads. It seems the manufacturer has intended the hull to be nailed on with the packet of nails supplied with the kit. This explains the thin soft Bulkheads. Planking screws and pins (especially the ones I use) will split the thin ply. The only way around this is to either cut your own, or block all of them so you can insert your pins or screws without splitting. You could of course, just use the nails if you wanted to. 

   I'm now up to the third section of planking.which should go on a lot smoother.





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  • 3 weeks later...

I lost some photos. I've been using my sons camera so I should have told him thre were still some photos I wanted on there.I've finished the second planking and the deck and painted the bottom of the hull.Ive never painted a hull like this before, or planked a deck using shor lengths, so I.ve had a few small issues, but managed to get it done. One thing I didn't account for is the slight variation in plank width, which gave some small gaps in the deck planks. I wanted as clean a paint line I could get, so I got some of the painters tape that promised sharp paint lines, and it worked pretty well. The 2mm by 2mm wales that are supposed to go on in four lengths next to each other tended to end up uneven, so I just sanded them and repainted.Now I'll move on to the inside of the bulwarks and rudder.






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Up to now the plans have been reasonable, some issues, but nothing you can't work through. First, some of the diagrams are different when compared to each other, so it can be confusing to know which way to go. One of these is the chain that attaches to the rudder. On one diagram it's on the curved section that is over the blocks, on the other it's on the section just below. The rudder diagram was waaaaayyy out. The hinges I got in the kit were a little over 4mm, but the diagram had much wider slots for them. My guess is that somewhere the manufacturer has switched hinges, and hasn,t modified the plans to suit. Caprails are on now, and the rest of the wales. Next I'll fit the rudder and get started on some deck fittings. The belaying pins are tiny. It's going to be fiddly getting the rigging on.






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Today I did the Knightheads, at least I think that's what their called.Also put together the grating and checked to see if 

I had enough, which you can't do until you put them together. Painted the Galley chimney and that's probably not what it's called, and one small hatch. Lastly for today's effort was the foremast fyfe rail, which was a tricky little so and so. It's probably a good idea not to glue the Knightheads on until I put the Bowsprit on, then i can snug them on better. I'll glue the fyfe rail and chimney tomorrow, also the hatch. 






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Hi mathewp,


In one month the half of the ship is almost finished. Are you sure that your Whil E Coyote is suitable ?

Your avatar must be Roadrunner :D ...


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Have most of the deck furniture sorted out. The rest of the pinrails and last fyfe rail. I fixed the Capstan, with the little tiny pieces I almost couldn't see in the box. I won't rig the helm just yet as I want to give everything a last sand and varnish. Next I guess is the longboat and the bits and pieces that go in it.Maybe I'll add a few extras to it. soon will be the decorations on the bow.They look a little tricky, and then the mounts for the half pounders and the four Cannons. Even though I feel like I got a fair bit done, there's still heaps to do. I also found a couple of small spots on the deck planking to fix.






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  • 3 weeks later...

Damn computers, it took nearly a week to fix, so theres lots to post.The ladder on the starboard side is on , and I finished the Cannons and installed them. Then the longboat was finished, with a pair of oars. I ended up very short of materials for the mast tops, so I ordered some extra tanganika, and walnut planks. I also got some extra 1x1 walnut so I can add traction boards to each Mast top. The kit doesn't supply lanterns, so I got me some of them as well.If you want to do the stanging rigging in black then you'll need to order some as all the cord is in fawn, and yep, I got me some of that too. I fitted the helm, and the anchor rope on the windlass. I painted the chains so they're ready to go on. I made the three lower masts, so they're ready for the mast cheeks, and wooldings. I've planked both sides of the Mast tops with Tanganika, Now it's on to the dry fitting of the top masts, and replacing the too small trestles supplied in the kit. That  will take a little while.  Will post again soon,






















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  • 1 month later...

I haven't posted for a while, I just didn't feel like it. Lots to post so I'll try and be brief. The masts and bowsprit are on. The supplied trestles needed some packing as the holes were way too big. I'm not sure what happened there, it seems like theyput the wrong sized ones in the kit.The mastcaps are on, no real problems there, apart from not having enough tanganika to plank them. I decided to rig as much of the bowsprits standing gear off the model, that made llife a little easier. Then came the mainstay, and the other preventer stays. The Shrouds went on easy, and the deadeyes.  I added some fids to the masttops. The chains that hold the deadeyes in the channels are of a very sof metalthat snaps easily, so I ended up replacing a few of them while I was threading the deadeyes. I've put on the futtocks, they should be called something they rhyme with, because that's where they were a pain. Upper shrouds are on and the deadeyes. A couple of repairs and I'll thread them and move on to the top shrouds and then the ratlines.


























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Hi Matthew,

I had been thinking that you had made a long pause on your build...

Now I can see that your pause had been about posting pictures of your progress... There is no problem about your speed :)... We would nearly see the pictures in the section of finished builds... :D

Very nice, a lot of details...

Clean wood and fine rigging works... 

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Peace, quietude and reliance are going along in my country... There will always be some marginal drifts in all countries... Media is talking according to its interests and benefits...

"A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." Mark Twain.

And we hope and want the peace comes in all region...

Painful is the birth...

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  • 4 weeks later...

   This post is a fairly short one, mainly because of the repetitive nature of working on deadeyes and ratlines. Still I've managed to get them done . I've also added the anchors and once the ratlines were finished, I put thebackstays on, so that they didn't get in the way while doing the ratlines. That completed the standing rigging. The 10 half pounder Carronades?, I yhink thats what they are callled, they're on too. Next it will be the stern decoration and the side windows. The final stage of running rigging is not far away.











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