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Main topgallant Stay question


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Newbie here, currently building a union brigante 1:100, the rigging directions are fairly poor. 


Any ideas for tying the main topgallant stay (I think that’s tight)? I have the main and main topmast done but there was something convenient to loop around. The picture in the directions and in a rigging book that I purchased aren’t the best...do I jut tie a loop around it and put a dab of CA so it doesn’t fall? Or tie it right on the angle so it will not drop down?


In the attached picture of the boat directions it’s the one marked with a 3. 


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Hi Warnerade,

The kit drawing is wrong. Where it shows it attaching to the fore topmast should have a block or thimble there. Fit one or the other then follow the rigging diagram shown in your first photo which is correct.  It looks like an eyebolt is shown in the kit drawing. you can always cheat by turning that 90° but the stay has to be run through it and rigged as in the first photo. Hope this helps.


Dave :dancetl6:

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Dave makes a great point.  Also, regarding your question, at least for English ships, it appears to be a similar fit. Lees states that an eye is formed so the stay is tight on the topgallant mast.  Keep in mind it is tapered so if the eye is a bit small, it can be made to slide it down to the proper location on the mast.  Might take a little fidgeting but should plenty tight enough.   If you do want to use glue, a little watered down white glue or even carpenter's glue will do the trick.   CA is not always the best "solution" to put on a line as it will make it brittle and probably discolored.


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thanks for the responses, I believe I figured it out...now onto the channels and deadeyes. Thanks for the help!

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