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Just wondering what diameter of round brass stock I'll need to turn the cannons for the Syren kit. Also, how long is each one? 




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Is this a kit or scratch and the scale would be helpful.


For the brass, take a diameter from the actual gun (if you have it) or from the plans. Order stock appropriately (slightly larger) and then center and round the stock which is why to go slightly larger.  For length, measure from the plans.   I'm assuming you're wanting to make scale guns instead of something generic.

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I used 1/4 inch I believe. As for the length, I think that I used 1 1/2 inch. I had purchased 12 feet of it and had them cut it to four foot lengths. 12 feet was the minimum length. I got 16 cannons for every 2 feet. I used the extra length to chuck it in the lath and mill. I'm in Europe or I would send you photos.

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HA! our statement "I'm in Europe or I would send you photos " immediately brought to mind the question ,"why would that matter?' Then it dawned on me that you meant that you're not at home and don't have access to the subject. Minor point but it sorta startled me.Sorry to interrupt.😊

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